What is UID Validation, Verification & Grading?

UID Grading

UID Grading

The use of UIDs and 2D codes has become a standard for US DOD acquisitions.  Marking a product with a 2D Code is only the first step however.  The 2D Data Matrix code requires precision, since that small symbol is holding thousands of pieces of information.  If the symbol has any type of distortion it can adversely affect the end user from being able to retrieve the information, thus negating the benefits of the program.

Validation is a process to confirm that a code’s data is in the correct format and syntax that conforms with MIL-STD-130.  Verification is a process of measuring the physical quality of the mark on the product or tag.  The process verifies that the mark is adhering to the standard documented in the MIL-STD-130 and assigns a grade.

Laser engraved 2D Data Matrix Symbol Issues

Laser engraved 2D Data Matrix Symbol Issues

Accubeam has the capability to Validate,Verify and Grade the 2D Data Matrix Codes for you to facilitate your adherence to the US DOD requirements for tracking.  Contact Accubeam today to receive more information or request a quote.

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