UDI, are you ready??

What is UDI?

Unique Device Identification, aka UDI, is coming to a medical device near you.  The FDA has released it’s “Final Rule” and set in place the timeline for implementation of unique identification on most medical devices distributed in the US.  The new ruling will have far reaching affects and benefits in the marketplace.

The UDI process and GUDID system will improve quality of information reported after adverse events which will positively affect product recalls and patient safety.  The new UDI process will require manufacturers to track important pieces of data related to the product and label or mark the product with applicable data points.  Much like the UID process used by the US Department of Defense, the product information must be uploaded to the government database.

Accubeam can assist with the physical labeling and marking process.  We provide direct part marking, ID Tags and Plates as well as adhesive Security Labels.  Contact your Central Florida Sales Office today to inquire on our part marking and labeling capabilities.

Example UDI

Example UDI

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