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Laser Engraving of Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Warning Tag

Why use ID Tags and Plates?

For some applications, marking directly on the item is not practical, feasible or necessary. In this scenario, using ID Tags and ID Plates is an efficient and economic solution. ID Tags and Plates can be produced with any type of metal or plastic in any color, size or shape. There is also no limitation to what goes on the ID Tag or Plate, if you can draw it, think it or explain it, we can make it. ID Tags and Plates can come with pre-drilled holes and/or adhesive backings to facilitate attachment to your items.

Here at Accubeam Laser Marking we have extensive experience creating and producing laser marked or laser engraved ID Tags and Plates for all industries that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and specifications.

Ideal Applications for ID Tags & Plates

Item Unique Identification (IUID)

MIL-STD 130 purchases for the US Department of Defense that qualify for having a IUID affixed or marked on the item. The IUID is a specifically defined 2D Data Matrix Code that contains a uniform string of vendor and part information. Often the items requiring an IUID are either large or sensitive in nature, making an ID Tag or Plate an ideal alternative to direct part marking.

Machinery & Equipment

Machine and equipment manufacturers include vendor and product information on everything they produce for either marketing/branding purposes or for legal and regulatory requirements. Custom laser engraved ID Tags and Plates are great alternative to ink stamping or labels that will eventually deteriorate and fail.

Asset Identification

Internal controls and safe guarding of fixed assets are critical for large asset intensive operations such as manufacturers and distributors. Asset Tags with machine readable codes make asset verification and inventory processes efficient and accurate.

Industrial Applications

ID Tags and Plates are often used to give visual reference on industrial equipment and machinery. Chemical processing plants, refineries and other production facilities can use tags and plates on equipment and plumbing to reference inspection data, caution and warning information and instructional information.


Common Material Types with ID Tags & Plates

Laser Marking on an Identification Metal Plate

Stainless Steel ID Plate

Stainless Steel – Laser Marking is used on bare stainless steel surfaces to change the color and create an image. Stainless provides the flexibility of having multiple colors within the same image. Laser Engraving is used if the tag or plate requires depth due to harsh conditions.

Aluminum – Laser Marking is an option but getting a dark color mark is challenging regardless the type of laser used. Laser Marked aluminum usually produces a bright white mark. Aluminum parts are typically anodized, powder coated or painted and the part is Laser Engraved, specifically using ablation to remove the surface coat.

Plastic – Laser Marking or Laser Engraving is possible depending on the material. Plastics can be multi-layered with color providing varied color options. Plastic tags and plates can also be painted, either way Laser Engraved is used to remove the top layer to expose the color underneath and create the image or text.

Titanium and Others – ID Tags and Plates can be created from virtually any material type. If your application is best suited using a rugged material like titanium or a non-corrosive plastics like HDPE, Accubeam can produce it.

Why Accubeam Laser Marking?

Accubeam has over 15 years of experience and we are the market leader in innovative tooling and processes to add value to our customer’s products. Our focus is on quality and customer service and our business prides itself on honesty and transparency.

We process both short run and large full production cycles, no job is to large or small.

Visit or picture gallery to view images of recent laser engraved tags and plates.

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